Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Kitchen Organizing

Rocks in My Dryer is hosting a themed blog carnival, and the theme for this week kitchen organizing. What perfect timing! I'm on the cleaning binge right now, and the kitchen is on my list for this week.

Here are my top tips, most of which I follow myself, most of the time...
  1. This is a biggie.  No paper allowed on kitchen counters.  Cookbooks are allowed in shelves and on the counter while you're using it, but that is it.  I've found keeping the paper out keeps the counters much more organized.  
  2. Clean the fridge once a month.  For me, it's the first week of the month.  I was being really good about it and keeping it on the first Monday of each month, but that didn't work for me.   This month, fridge day falls on Thursday.   
  3. If at all possible, I like separate food items and non-food items (cooking utensils, etc).  In my house, when they get mingled in a cabinet, they get muddled, and so do I.
  4. Don't buy bulk if you can help it.  I used to be a horder, but we ran into problems with food expiring.  And then last year we got a pantry moth infestation from some petfood...ugh.  I never again want to have the disappointment (and disgust) of throwing out big quantities of baking items, etc..
  5. Start cooking with a clean kitchen, and everything goes much more smoothly.  

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