Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We are busy as bees...

Who isn't busy these days? It seems everyone I know scrounges for just a bit of time to do even the smallest things for themselves. So one of my resolutions this year was to make a little bit of time to remember who I am amidst all the hurrying and doing, cleaning and cooking, teaching and changing diapers. And for me, being me has to do with either making things or enjoying art.

So, here are the latest projects of making things over the past 2 months:

A busy, buzzy, and happy bee on a "Boppy" for Ada and her baby. She can hold her baby and give her a bottle with ease now.

Some bracelets. One in shell and jasper.

One in moonstone and blue lace agate.

And an anklet with peacock pearls and silver.

Here are some little cloth shoes that I made with the stardust shoe pattern from Joanna, and fabrics from one of my favorite places, Superbuzzy.

All of these things are for other people, as most stuff I make. I love making something especially for someone in particular. Sometimes when I don't get to see a friend often, it's the next best thing to have them in my mind as I put together a little project for them. And now I do have some plans for some fun sewing for myself. An apron (for more housework! But at least it will look great). And better--a skirt--for me. I'll post once I get them done..

Now to get to all the other little projects that swim around in my head at night...

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