Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A doll's pumpkin costume

We are not, if you can believe it, really that into Halloween. But we do like to play dress up, and Ada’s baby was feeling left out.
So I made her a costume with some cheap synthetic velveteen and some lovely leaf-green velvet. It's the first outfit I've made for this baby, and it fits perfectly. I have a sneaking suspicion that Ada is going to want another outfit, and soon...

I confess. I love making this sort of thing, so there probably will be some other little outfit coming soon. Especially if I get to practice details, like lining (I used orange polka-dotted cotton), and edged puffy sleeves. My favorite detail on this has to be the little hat and stem. See how happy she is? I hope Ada is pleased with it, too.

Oh, and by the way, Ada's baby is not a doll--it's a baby.  I stand corrected.  Because who would be so crazy to sew a costume for a doll, anyway?

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