Monday, October 20, 2008

Giselle's dress, part 2

Giselle from Enchanted had such a beautiful dress, and here are some more elements we incorporated to make Ada's costume authentic:

Filmy waves of organza on the underskirt.

The organza I used has little vines and leaves embroidered into it--it's delicate and just begs for a little edging.  So I edged it.  I used white ribbon.  I love the way these frills move on the dress.  It's not exactly like Giselle's, but it's close.  She has a profusion of tulle waves on the underskirt.  I think these work just as well for our purposes.

An extra finish on the underskirt.

I like this ribbon finish on the hem seams on the underskirt.  I've got another idea to use this in something else for the girls--maybe a skirt or top for the spring.

I also added an extra slip-like underskirt with 5 yards of tulle gathered onto it.  It gives the skirt extra-extra volume.  Ada will wear a petticoat, too, so it should meet her "poofy" standards.

I am not quite finished with the whole costume--of course.  I have to make the butterfly and topstitch the sash.  And wow, do I need to trim the threads (you can see some of them in the photos).  Because I used the dupioni silk, it's going to be a long task--there are threads everywhere!

The last thing I'm considering is to possibly finish the skirt with glitterglue waves and embellishments in the same way Giselle's skirt was finished.  See the photo below for what hers looked like. 

What do you think?  Glitter embellishment?  No?  The glue works okay, but I'm not 100% sure it will stay nicely.  Then again, it's a costume!   Delurk and tell me what YOU think!  Thanks.

Next:  Ada in the costume, and a preview of Esme's costume.  

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La Belette Rouge said...

Did you make your own wedding dress? I bet you could have. My gosh you are talented. I cannot even sew on a button so I am amazed at your ability to turn out such an impressive costume.

The Storialist said...

Adorable! By all means, glitter away!

angela said...

This is so lovely!! It is really breath-taking!! I just love it. It is like a mini-wedding dress.

I know Ada will look so beautiful in it!!

Love, Mom

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