Sunday, October 26, 2008

Early Halloween

Some photos of the girls from the early Halloween party this weekend.  Despite all my planning and intent to finish early (?!), I finished Esme's chipmunk costume about an hour before the party.   Of course,  within a minute of zipping the costume, Esme took off the headpiece with the hand-pieced ears.  But overall, the costume still says chipmunk, and Esme really liked it.  I'll post more on Esme's costume soon, when I can get some good shots of her wearing the whole thing.  

Esme waiting for a turn on the "rollercoaster.":

Esme on the rollercoaster:

Here's a view of the stripe in the back.

And here is Giselle herself--the princess and the popcorn.

The girls had a great time dancing with their friend, M., and both costumes held up well to their jumping, shaking, and spinning around.   They were all smiles on the dancefloor!  Now they are getting  excited about dressing up again for trick-or-treating. 

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La Belette Rouge said...

OMG!!!!!! I love that Chipmunk costume and Esme looks adorable in it. I want that costume. It could sort of look like a weasel. Okay, maybe not. Adorable chipmunk!!!! Love it!!!

3littlechickies said...

La Belette:
Thank you! It was great fun to make--I improvised so much of it, I wasn't sure it would actually come together.

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