Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've been dreaming of a....

Giselle would say "true love's kiss."  And I have that, lucky me!   

What I'm dreaming of lately is the movie Enchanted, and specifically, Giselle's dress.   If I can manage to gather all of this:

And sew it together here (with some help from our little friend peeperkitty),

Ada will have a Halloween fit for a princess.

I've been stitching this together in bits and pieces, and I am hoping to finish it this weekend. And then it's Esme's costume...just wait until you see what she wants to be!

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The Storialist said...

WONDERFUL costume idea!

La Belette Rouge said...

What a lucky girl to have such a talented mommy! And, I love Peeperkitty's nonchalant non-action.

Thanks so much for your orange flavored comment on my blog. :-)

3littlechickies said...

Thanks for the encouraging feedback. This project is rivaling a wedding dress now!

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