Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday treasure

I've been on a treasure hunt lately, looking to find the treasures I already have, but don't use.   Our house, I'm discovering, is full of treasure, but not the stuff pirates vie for.  Rather, the stuff I'm finding are the sorts of things that I would love to find in a catalog, or a little shop.  And guess what? It's already here.  

So this is part of the cutting back, making use of what you have, preparing for tough times...but really it's more about following our family's second rule, which is "be where you are."   

Like so many other people, I get spun up about all the great things that are out there that we could see, or get, or do.  The reality of it is that there is not time or money or energy for doing everything.  That's no big revelation, I know, but regardless of what I may know, what I've been practicing is different.  I do often ooh and ahh over all the great things I could get.   Sometimes I even do get a thing I "love," and then put it away for safekeeping, for later, for the right time.

I'm treasure hunting because I am starting to realize that the right time is really now, and that I have lots of great things or experiences that I'm putting off.  No longer.   I'm seeing the world with new eyes, I'm revising my take on the daily things around me, just a little.   I'm going to post more treasure Tuesdays in the future--I'm eager to see what I'll find, and how I'll use it.

In keeping with that, I've found a treasure for today:  my notebooks.  Some have been well loved, but many of these beauties are waiting for me to decide that what I have to say is good enough for their pages.  Look at this one:   

I bought it for the tree design; the quote was an afterthought.  Pretty telling, hmm.  Even more so, I haven't used it!!   Until now.  This book is going to be filled with words--imperfect, shifting, indulgent, irrelevant--so what.  This little treasure is mine, and this time is mine too.   So I'm staking my claim.

What treasure do you already have that you're not using?

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La Belette Rouge said...

We are in corporate housing and all of our stuff is in storage and it is interesting to discover how I am still happy without all the stuff that I thought meant so very much to me.

Hmm, perfumes. I have lovely perfumes that I let sit unused. I will spritz some on today. Merci mon amie!

angela said...

Kirie - what a great blog! I really want to go on a tresure hunt soon - I agree we have great things that are right in front of us and not appreciated as they should be. This could extend to people as well.

Love, Mom

Irene Latham said...

You know what I do to get out of a funk? Rearrange. It's treasure hunting with a twist. :) I am amazed how something takes on a whole new life when put in a new spot. It feels new! And exciting! Without spending a dime. And isn't this like the most perfect analogy for those of us who are writers? It's the same words -- we just move them around. Now go fill up those gorgeous journals! :)

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