Monday, November 24, 2008

Candy corn is still in season

Just in time for Thanksgiving:  a skirt I made for Ada.  

Here she is in her new candy corn skirt. Isn't she sweet?  

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La Belette Rouge said...

ADORABLE!!!! The skirt and the girl!:-)

Anonymous said...


Irene Latham said...

I LOVE this! I so need a daughter. :)

creative breathing said...

Hello! I am so happy you found me! Your blog is so sweet. Be sure to read the follow up post to "The Dream", it's the real deal! Can you please tell me where you insert the flickr badge in the html. I am so excited that my favorite jenny b. posted about me, but I don't have a way of letting people see how many things I have made at creative breathing based on her inspiring creations. I would be so greatful! Elizabeth Visit again in Dec. I have lots of things to give away that you can see on my flickr stream each week! Happy Holidays!

angela said...

Hi Kir

It turned out so well! - Ada looks adorable! Almost good enough to eat!

You did a great job!

Love, Mom

Kirie said...

Thank you for all the great comments. Ada wore it to school this week and was really pleased to wear something I made. She came home saying that even the teacher loved it. It's so silly, but just thinking about sewing stuff for Ada and Esme makes me all smiley!

Debbie said...

Come on...that is the cutest skirt I've ever seen!

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