Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thoughts on the Inauguration: Part 1

As I joined the millions of people watching the inauguration of Barack Obama yesterday, my mind was flooded with so many thoughts--flashbacks, lamenting, celebrating, looking ahead.  I made an attempt at articulating them in one cohesive post, but they work well as stand alone thoughts here.  So three thoughts for Wednesday: 

I watched the inauguration in our family room, surrounded by Esme's menagerie of plastic farm animals.   Esme followed the first part of it, but needed to go down for a nap, so I missed part of Obama's speech.  As I was carrying Esme upstairs, I thought about how amazingly fortunate I am--I am living that American dream, completely pursuing my happiness, unfettered.   

Sure, my carpet isn't vacuumed, and I don't have a paying job now.  But I personally have so many, many blessings. So why do I feel so excited about a change?  

Because it's a change for everyone--everyone should have the chance to pursue a dream as I have been able to.  My dream is fairly modest--to have space to think and love and create.   I know that other people dream of things as basic as having days off, or healthcare, a car to drive, or the privilege of legally calling someone their spouse.  It is my wish, my fervent hope that everyone be able to achieve these, and much, much more.  May we all be able to pursue our dream of ourselves to the fullest.   I believe President Obama when he says he will help us toward that goal.  

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Paula said...

It was So wonderful yesterday! The emotions that filled our house and that friends shared with us cannot be equaled. It is truly a new beginning and a wonderful time live the dream :)

La Belette Rouge said...

I am not having luck getting comments through. Blogger doesn't seem to like me today. Anyways, I fell that Obama has already changed the world be inspiring others to dream, to hope and to dare. What a great time it is.

Julianne said...

Hi Kirie,

I have tagged you for a game. Come over and see. It's not a difficult one.

Paula said...

P.S. I tagged you :)

Wondering K said...

Here here! I know I appreciate his "let's just get this done, together" attitude. Things really are changing for the better, you can almost feel it in the air. I hope the attitude lasts.

Kirie said...

Paula--you must have been right in the thick of all that love with your family there. My guy and Ada had work and school--we missed seeing it together until the evening. But there is something about it being Live, isn't there. Just amazing day!

Kirie said...

Belle: I do think that Obama is inspiring to so many--that energy is worth something, even before all the policy-related things start up this week. Inspiring individuals to act well in their daily lives is a huge thing.

Kirie said...

Julianne! Thanks for the tag! I love games, and I'll be posting something later today.

Kirie said...

Paula, you tagged me for a game, too? How fun! I really do love these lists, and I've been hoping to be asked to play. Thank you! I'll post on Friday.

Kirie said...

Wondering K:
So nice to meet you! The "let's do it together" is just what we need, isn't it? So hopeful! Now to think of a way to make that happen more outwardly in my life here...something to happen very soon!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm eager to read yours and get to know you, too.


Hilary said...

Kirie, I'm behind. I'm just now reading your thoughts Part 1, and I embody all of them, as well. I moved all my meetings to the morning, then sat on the couch for six hours in front of the TV with my laptop on my actual lap, and returned emails and did the mere basics while watching NBC's coverage wtih their crew, which included my beloved Doris Kerns Goodwin (Presidential historian). And I cried so many times during the inauguration and the parade and in between. I was filled with so much hope. And it struck me taht what I was doing at that moment, watching it all while working at home on my cushy couch, is what most people don't have the luxury of doing, and I felt so fortunate. I believe President Obama is going to put us on a track where more and more people will be able to say they're fortunate, too.

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