Saturday, January 31, 2009

She arrived on Friday.

She arrived on Friday, elegant and polite, but needing assistance and some clothing.  You see, she's fallen on hard times, and her arms and legs were loose and not fully attached.  She couldn't manage to sew them herself, and she'd heard it said in the forest that I was kind to mice...

And so I let her in.

I am under deadline for another project, and so while I offered her a cozy place to sleep, I have to beg off stitching her arms and legs until Monday. She agreed, and nestled into her nest in our dining room clock.

She hasn't yet shared her name with me, as she is quite shy and a bit embarrassed.  But she and Mr. Mouse found lots to talk about, squeaking into the wee hours last night.  I think they may be fond of each other, truth be told.  Love at first sight?  Time will tell.

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angela said...

Hi Kirie

She looks really cute! Mr Mouse must be so happy to meet a cute little lady mouse.

Is Ada pleased?

Love, Mom

Missy said...

She is adorable. Can't wait to see a pink bow on her! Hope Ada and Esme like their new friend and are sharing!

Lydia said...

What an adorable fantasy. It led me to read about Mr. Mouse and to admire not only how special he is but also to admire his beautiful quilt and futon. Lucky guy. Is the deal that you're supposed to repair missmouse and then send her on her way? If so, and if this is love at first sight you are a party to impending heartbreak.

The Seeker said...

OMG Kirie this is such a sweet and lovely story.
While reading I felt like I was a kid with dad reading for me (And that was one of the best feelings!!!)

And yes, she is elegante and lovely.
Hope Mr Mouse will continue to welcome her.
Looking forward to know more about her.


Judy said...

Hi Kir
What a cute lady mouse. Will be eager to see how things develop along the way. She is adorable.

La Belette Rouge said...

OMG!!!!! I have been waiting for part 2 of the mouse story. I love-love-love this mouse. Kirie, you are so talented. A little wine and cheese and you soon may hear the patter of little footsteps.

Kirie said...

So glad you all like her! She is getting along well with the man mouse of the house.
I've just now written the backstory on how Mr. Mouse came to be who he is--it's a longie, but I hope you'll give it a read. Posting on Wednesday am.


Irene Latham said...

So happy to meet the new addition! Names can be tough...but I bet you and the girls will find just the right one. Looking forward to hearing it...

Paula said...

Sooo cute! What a cute piece of writing as well- I really enjoyed this post :)

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