Saturday, September 27, 2008

More snails?

Okay, I said this blog wasn't all about snails, and it's not. I swear!
But who could resist posting about these tiny little guys? Ada found them outside this morning during a break in the rain. They are soooo tiny! I used the macro lens to get a nice view of them, and Ada added the penny for perspective.

What I can't get over is how she found them. Think of trying to spot something as tiny as the question mark on your keyboard. Imagine trying to find them on slick stones that are the same color of shells. In the rain.   This is one of the many magical abilities of a seven-year old.  Why do we lose this as we get older?  I'm working to get that attentiveness back.

Take a look at their little translucent shells. Ada found 22 baby snails, and they are now in what she is calling the "snail nursery."  If they are anything like the 10 big snails we have, they will flourish under Ada's care.

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1 comment:

angela said...

Hi Kirie

Daddy likes this post and thinks that the penny for perspective is a great idea.

Love, Mom

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