Sunday, September 14, 2008

Green grocery bags

It's a trend, and a lasting one, I hope. I've got a thing for reusable grocery bags. (See the one I made for a swap in this post.) It's my fall resolution to remember to bring them into the store every single time I go out...I'm still working on it.

I added to my collection of bags this past weekend with one from my friend, Alex Kent, a local artist.

Don't you just love this rooster? He makes me want to run right out to the farmer's market!

I've got plans for more canvas bags of my own for a fundraising project...details coming in November.

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1 comment:

angela said...

Hi Kirie

I gave Judy and Emy their Green Grocery bags last Sunday. I am not sure about Emy, but Judy loved hers. I should have bought one for Sara as she seemed to like it too - I will try to buy one whem I am there next. Judy recognized the Rhode Island Red right away as she is a good farm girl.

Love, Mom

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