Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More uses for chalkboard paint: An art wall

I keep finding ways to use chalkboard paint. Fun and useful, it finds its way into many of my projects. Here is the most recent project: an art wall.

With school starting, we will need another place to put Ada's creations. Right now, we hang some on walls, and the rest go into an art portfolio we use to save favorites. But wouldn't it be nice to really display them, with comments and dates? My big idea is to rotate the artwork every few weeks, including some from Ada, and some from Esme, and let this be their wall of pride.

Some tips on how I did this:

  • The "frames" are actually gallery canvases in various dimensions, which I painted with several coats of chalkboard paint.
    I used this style frame because the depth on the gallery canvas sets off so well against the wall.
  • I hung them as I would other canvas paintings--putting very small screw-eyes into the interior, and wrapping a picture wire through the eyes.
  • Because I don't want these frames sliding around the wall each time I change out the art, I anchored them to the wall with a little velcro dot on the underside of each frame. One side goes on the wall, and one side goes on the frame. If you do this, learn from my past mistakes: don't undo the sticky on the wall side until you've got the frame where you want it--and level. I used a little level to assist, and it made a difference. I put the dots in the corners like this:

  • To hang the art, we're just using doublestick tape. I don't know if it will eventually peel the paint from the canvas, but that is easily fixed--unlike a whole wall.
  • Leave room under each piece for notes with a chalkpaint marker (love these too!), et voila!
  • When the exhibit changes, just swap out the art and erase the old entry.

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angela said...

Hey Kirie

This is really cool - I think this wall and your instructions are excellent!!

I can hardly wait to see it in a few weeks.

Love, Mom

Gray Matters said...

That's a great idea - I love the gallery affect and the fact that it can be rotated is wonderful!

Kyleigh said...

Thanks for writing this.

Kirie said...

I'm glad this is a useful idea for other people, too. The girls are constantly thinking of new things for their art wall. When we cycle something out, we put it in a stack for their art files (basically just binders with sheet protectors). It's cutting back on a lot of clutter, and letting us really enjoy what the girls make.

Christina said...


This is an absolutely phenomenal idea and I'm glad my search for 'chalkboard paint on canvas' brought me here! I'm going to scout around your blog with a nice cup of cocoa; it's lovely.

I just wanted to ask you if you had some follow-up tips or information on this project, a few more months down the line. I got hold of a second hand canvas (painted on one side, but not the other) and am dying to try this.

All the very best,

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