Monday, December 15, 2008

Taking a moment

I'm a master at stating the obvious--I've been away for a few days.  So much of the past week has been fun--making treats for the tea party, preparing for Christmas, and getting ready for a visit from my parents.  And yet all of it has been tainted with a deep sorrow for my friend, Kim, and her family.   It hasn't felt right to just prattle on about all the trivial joys of my day.

It's a time of year for this sort of juxtaposition--endings and beginnings, happiness and great emptiness, togetherness and loneliness.    Even the religious celebration of Christmas is actually celebrating not just the birth of Jesus, but also his ultimate gift: his death.   

And so it is that I am feeling those contrasts vividly.  I feel compelled to take a moment from the fun and cutesy photos and writing to acknowledge it.   I feel that sticky mixture of happiness and loss, and I embrace it as part of being human. I will breathe. And be. And be awash in the morass of feelings for just a moment... 

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La Belette Rouge said...

I am keenly feeling the juxtapositions you describe.I do think that joy that is simultaneously held with the awareness of death can make the appreciation for life and the joy we have even greater. That said, I am so sorry about the loss of your dear friend and I really appreciate you sharing the other pole of the season. Hugs to you.

Kirie said...

Belle: Thank you for your kind comments. It's such a strange time of highs and lows for me....and for so many other people, too, I know.

I'm thankful for the forum to write about it here, and the listening ear you give me. The contrast of the season isn't not something I "talk" about in daily life, and I'm starting to think maybe it should be.

hugs back to you.

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