Friday, December 26, 2008

Five on Friday

A holiday redux:

1.  It is wonderful to live in a town where you get Christmas carolers on your doorstep, and receive plates of cookies neighbors on all sides. It is not a good idea to eat too many of the cookies you receive, as by Christmas, you will feel more like Santa in a really tangible and pudgy way. 

2.  One of the best parts of my Christmas weekend was the midnight prep the night of Christmas Eve. My sweet husband and I, in our matching pjs, clandestinely filled stockings by the dim lights of the fireplace.   As we carted in the surprises, we had a moment to ourselves to savor the quiet and the magic glow of Christmas.

3.  Christmas cards are so fun to receive. Each day of going to the post box is like getting a little treat. That said, it's with some shame that I admit we didn't send them this year. Instead, I'm resolving to send some kind of cards early in the next year--New Years? Valentine's Day? Sometime before March would be good! 

4.  A good sneeze is ofen a cure for a terrible cough. This sounds like a Yogi Berraism, but it's true. I found it out accidentally while suffering from a nasty little cold we've been enjoying this Christmas. My coughing fits were absolutely relieved by a sneeze. For real. The other thing that helps is a gargle. Or a snifter of Cognac-like drink--Nivan is our favorite choice. 

5.  The week between Christmas and New Years is a gift in itself. Free from deadlines, purpose, obligation, and built-up excitement, each member of our family is visibly more relaxed. I, personally, am going to take a few naps, long baths, and read a few of the books on my list. One of the first on my list of books is the one I got from Uncle E: Serena, by Ron Rash. 

However you celebrate this season, I hope your week was beautiful, and that the next one brings you peace and ushers you into a wonder-filled new year.

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La Belette Rouge said...

Your Christmas sounds so very lovely. I so miss living in a town where Santa comes down the street in a horse drawn carriage and Santa calls the kids on Christmas eve via phone and there is ice skating on a frozen pond...and, I just miss home.

Enjoy your books, naps, and baths. All sound like a lovely response to the overwhelm of Christmas festivities.

Paula said...

What wonderful memories you'll have this year! I hope your cold is getting better, and you enjoyed lots of relaxation time :)

Kirie said...

Thanks for the great wishes, Bel and Paula! The week winds down now, and I'm happy to say it was peaceful and lovely.

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