Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Domino Problem

I've got hangups. One of them involves doing things in order, and while at first blush that might sound orderly and wise, it's not. It's a problem.

Sometimes I get all wrapped up in the idea that tasks are like dominos, all lined up and waiting for me to get to them. If I don't do x, then I clearly can't do y. The silly thing is that all of the obstacles are really just in my head. Pure inventions of the procrastinator or perfectionist--take your pick. I spin my own wheels a lot trying to figure out which thing is best done first, and sometimes I avoid doing it altogether because I don't want to start an entirely new chain of tasks.

Now that I've put some of my dirty laundry out here on the blog, I'm going to go clean a closet in the studio. Because goodness knows I won't be able to make any paintings for the art show if the studio isn't clean, and I can't go to the studio unless the dishes are done, and I can't do the dishes unless I put away the girls' toys, and speaking of dirty laundry--I've got at least two loads to fold before I.....

SO. How much painting do you think I'll get to this afternoon? And if I have so much to do, then how do I have time to blog? Hmmmm.

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