Sunday, November 4, 2007

The latest Buzz

The buzz is that we had a great Halloween. We were a family of bees buzzing around a little flower. Somehow we timed it with J. Seinfeld (which was completely accidental, by the way). More PR for the already ubiquitous marketing of that movie--oh well.

It was great fun to see Ada feeling brave, even at the spooky houses! And now we have WAY WAY too much candy. I managed to limit myself to one day of snacking, and now I've sworn off the stuff. Eight pieces in one day proved to me that I actually don't like chocolate as much as I thought I did. At least for now.

Our little flower Esme did have a taste of a candy bar, which she has named "mmmmm." I can see we'll need to keep her away from the candy dish, too.

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