Friday, November 9, 2007

A Great Game of "In"

Esme's has a new favorite game. She calls it "in." We call it cute as can be.

She can now climb up to sit "in" a chair.

And she loves to put the elephant "in" the A-frame house.

She also puts things into baskets, buckets, and toy bins. She puts Mommy's shoes into paper grocery bags, and puts her feet into Ada's boots. She helps put the groceries away--cat food in the pantry, and cheese in the fridge. And she's a whiz with helping load the wet clothes into the dryer.

Something that's not as cute or fun is finding out that our cellphone does indeed go "in" the dryer lint slot--all the way in--down into the vent. 30 minutes and 2 bent-up wire hangers later, Mommy decides maybe having Esme's help with every chore is probably not such a good idea. And maybe letting her play with our lone cellphone is not the brightest, either. Maybe Mommy needs a few more hours "in" dreamland--fast asleep.

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