Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Redux 2009

It's funny how I can spend over 4 weeks sewing a costume that gets worn for fewer than two hours. And stranger still--I still think it's worth it. For the details of the whole sewing process, see here. Or here, for the planning part.

Ada loved her costume! She swished and flowed and floated around the house with a few friends who came for a Halloween lunch of macaBoni and cheese, and slimeade.
After a couple hours of "swimming" around with the tomato, the kitten, and Esme (who wouldn't dress up for lunch), Ada and her friends decided to become kids again, and we put the costumes away for the afternoon.

Esme enjoyed dressing up, too. Though from the photo below, it's hard to guess! She was itching to just get out and march through the neighborhood. Esme's real love was the candy, I have to admit. We are in the midst of bargaining now to limit how much she eats, and I have designated tomorrow as the official toss-out-the-candy day. (I will probably stash away a couple of little chocolates for them as treats, but don't tell!)

Aside from their playdate with friends, the best part of Halloween was handing out the candy. They loved to see all the other kids and Esme, to my delight, even gave away some of the candy she'd received. All in all, it was a frightfully good Halloween.

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angela said...

Hi Kirie,

Morfar wants to know how the Mermaid is swimming - I told him that she is really doing well!

Just love the costume!! You did a terrific job on it and Ada looks adorable! And Essie is darling as a puppy.

Glad you had a nice halloween.

Love, Mom

The Seeker said...

Oh Kirie dear, what a fantastic work you did!!!
Ada looks indeed adorable.


Irene Latham said...

Totally worth it! Every girl should be a mermaid at least once in her life, I'm thinking... love the little cape too. xxoo

Angie Muresan said...

Kirie! These are the cutst pictures, ever! I can't believe you sewed that mermaid one. Project Runway might be in your future :)
By the way, I have a giveaway to celebrate my main blog'd first birthday. Come on by and have some virtual cake and a chance to win one of the two things I'm giving away. Address is

La Belette Rouge said...

You are SEW(SOOOOOO!!!) talented. I still cannot get last years Halloween creations out of my head. The mermaid outfit is gorgeous. And I also like Ada's friend pumpkin hat. It looks kind of Pilgrimy. Very cute!

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