Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Because I am learning to focus

I'm learning to focus on what I like to do, and (at least in terms of art/craft), I am going to start delegating the things I don't truly enjoy.

With some shame, I admit it: I don't really enjoy quilting. Well, to be more exact: it's the the quilting part of making a quilt that I don't like: you know, the part where you stitch the top, batting, and back, together. I love the feel of a finely quilted quilt, and I know lots of talented quilters, but I don't enjoy it enough to put in the time to do it well. There. I said it.

I do love making the quilt top. I seem to always come up with a plan for a quilt design, and I have many quilt tops in the works, but doing the actual quilting has been such a task that I've postponed finishing the pieces I've started.

This summer, in the middle of my frenzied organizing/cleaning/refreshing/repainting, I discovered a beautiful quilt I'd made for Ada with the many of the same fabrics from her baby quilt. Above is a photo of the baby quilt, which I did for her while I was waiting for her as a baby. During that waiting time, I had so much frenetic energy that I made dozens of projects for her room, including the twin-sized quilt I found in the armoire this summer. As I examined it again, I realize had made a good start on it, with putting the layers together, and beginning the quilting, but there was a lot of work left on it.

Ada found me with the newly-found and unfinished quilt, and looked at it with such longing. I wanted to finish it for her, but frankly, the idea of cramming it into my machine to try to quilt it left me feeling overwhelmed. Suddenly it came to me: There are people who do this sort of quilting professionally. What if I found someone to do this for me? And guess what?

Ada's quilt was finished by a lovely lady with a longarm machine and a talent for fixing my assembly boo-boos. Ada and I are both really pleased with it. Ada and I worked with Sharon to pick a design for the edges--Ada chose butterflies--and wow!

Now I'm ready to move on to piecing Esme's baby quilt, which has been on hold for, oh, about three years. My new friend Ms. Sharon will be doing the quilting part, and suddenly I feel the inspired energy to pick up that project right away. I think knowing I don't have to spin my wheels with the quilting has made me feel more free to enjoy the process of sewing the patchwork.

What's funny is that feeling okay with delegating is a huge deal for me. I'm a do-it-yourself kind of girl, and delegating runs counter to that. Or maybe not. Because--especially with artwork--if I can peel off a few things that I don't love or that take more time than reasonable--then I will have more time to do things with my husband and girls, and more time to make things and do things that really make my heart sing. With that in mind, I am going to embrace a little delegation so I can really enjoy the work in my hands as much as possible.

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The Storialist said...

Yes--finding someone to help is always wonderful.

The quilt is beautiful, by the way--a great choice of butterflies!

Paula said...

Delegating can be so hard sometimes- I find it one of the biggest things I struggle with. However, delegating can be such a blessing in disguise :) I am so happy you were able to get the quilt finished- It is beautiful! :) I have a quilt my Aunt made for me when I was younger and I still treasure it so much -even with its nail polish stain from my teenage years, the faded colors from multiple washes.

La Belette Rouge said...

Kirie, I think your post is a sign that I, who hates housekeeping, should hire someone to clean my apartment. I hate cleaning but I love have a clean apartment. If we don't do what we don't want to do then there is more time to do what we really want to do. Life is too short for quilting when we would rather be playing music or mopping when we'd rather be writing.

Stephanie said...

I agree! Delegating is tough for me too. I love the quilt and the pictures and even more the title of your blog.

Hilary said...

I'm late to the entry, as usual. It's ok to decide you don't love the act of doing or creating the things that you love to want to have compelted.

That was one wacked out sentence.

Sometimes we love the concept of creating something, but the act of creating it is not really as fulfilling as we'd hoped. The *having* it is, but the creation process not so much. I'm glad you have your quilting ladies!

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