Sunday, June 7, 2009

Coming Along

I am a good cheerleader for myself. When I'm working on a painting, you might hear me talking to myself softly, saying, "Well, he's coming along."

The he in question here is Zeus, a lovely dog who belongs to my friend Dana. And while I don't know Zeus well, he is pretty strongly set into my thoughts these days. He comes along with me wherever I go; you might see me staring out into space sometimes lately while I try to figure out how to capture the brindled colors of the fur near his right eye. The photo above is a not-quite finished version. But it's close. This morning I've been puzzling over the details of his snout, Dana's hands, and those tags...If I am lucky, I will grab another hour this afternoon, and he will be done! What fun it has been getting to know him.

I must say that it amazes me that he even looks like a dog. I am not an artist by training, but I am one by will. This year marks 10 years of my practice with drawing and painting, and I feel as though I have more projects in my mind than ever. And lucky me, a few of them are close to completion! Zeus shares my thoughtspace and studio with 3 other paintings that are also "coming along." It is a quiet thrill that I carry them in my head as I go through my day...

Esme's naptime gave me chance to put the finishing touches, et voila!

Here is Zeus, just waiting to be signed and put in the frame. It feels great to finish a project.

UPDATE Again! Okay, I'm obsessed. Here he is, done, framed, signed. Whee! The last step is to get some nice giclee prints done so I have some copies. Now to get the skin tones blocked in on the beach painting.....

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Judy said...

We love dogs and how grand a picture!

Irene Latham said...

Kirie, you are talented in so very many ways... you continually inspire me. Love this.

The Seeker said...

OMG Kirie, what a great painting!!!!
Sends so many feelings!!!
You're soooooooo talented, beautiful you.
I Love it.

Love to you

Missy said...

Wow -- how amazing you are Kir! This ALMOST makes me want to have a dog!

Anonymous said...

very nice!

La Belette Rouge said...

He is a dog worthy of his own pantheon. Gorgeous, Kirie. I see such depth in his eyes. I imagine there is much of you in that depth. You are such a talent. You do amaze me.

Cheryl said...

That's a really wonderful portrait. It really conveys a lot of personality and presence. I've never attempted an animal portrait because I would simply have no idea where to begin. People are easy. Animals, definitely not. Great piece.

The Storialist said...

Wow---absolutely beautiful.

Amazing work. You are so talented!

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

"It is a quiet thrill that I carry them in my head as I go through my day..."
Funny, inspiring, and sends chills up and down my spine. Tiles speak to me and each other when I'm away from the studio, no matter what I'm doing. I used to try the creative visualization method, closing eyes and conjuring up future projects... it never worked and left me feeling unimaginitive and dull. But it's different between creative work sessions, while at the market or running a bath or driving... these images naturally dance and sing in vivid detail and color, transforming this way and that way, amazing and thrilling me as they do.
So, as one happy cheerleader to another, thanks for sharing this quiet thrill of yours...

Kirie said...

Judy--so glad you like. While I'm not always a dog person, a few have a special piece of my heart (Fritzie!), and I can see the something special in Zeus, too.


Kirie said...

Irene, thank you! You are a source of inspiration for me as well. Do you know that Sacagawea has lodged herself in my head since you posted that poem? What beautiful images you make.

Kirie said...

Seeker, lovely lady. Thank you for your comments on my painting of Zeus. You know, he was rescued from a sad situation, and I do think he carries that in his eyes.

love to you, too!

Kirie said...

Missy, I know! He is a sweet and gentle dog, and solid physically, which also feels like he's got a steadfast character. When I meet dogs like him, my cat-lover self is tempted too. I'm glad some of that translated into my painting!

miss you!

Kirie said...

3continent: Thanks for your kind comments! I'm eager to catch up with you and see what neat things *you've* been stitching up!

Kirie said...

Belle: I'm so glad you could see something significant in his eyes. I am still astounded at the pattern these things are following: Do you think painting one (the owl) should be called Athena?
The next one I'm finishing is at the seashore of an inviting ocean....hmm.

Thanks for all your support and feedback. You're so nice about the stuff I do. ;) It means so much to me.


Kirie said...

Cheryl, your comment makes me blush. *Your* work is simply stunning, and I'm thrilled that you like what I did with Zeus.
Your painting Here We Gather is particularly moving for me. You mentioned in a recent post that you have new paintings in the works-- can't wait to see them!


Kirie said...

Storialist: Thank you! And you know how much I love the paintings you make with your poetry. When *is* that collection coming out?! I will be first in line to get mine signed by you!

angela said...

Hi Kirie,

I thought that I had commented on your wonderful painting of Zeus - you did a great job - he looks so real, and strong - what kind of a dog is Zeus? Daddy says he is a Holstein dog.

Got to go home now - we are in 1 car.
Love, Mom

bari said...

Kirie! I am so impressed. I love this one!

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