Thursday, April 16, 2009

Three Things for Thursday

Three reasons my blog has been post-less for almost two weeks:

1.  Easter.  Yes, it's crazy, but Easter has turned into the mini-Christmas around here, with all the sneaking and intrigue of playing Santa.   It literally takes weeks to pull off such a feat successfully, clandestine visits to candy stores, toy stores, etc.  By the time Easter actually rolls around, I am exhausted!  This year, I found (okay, set up) an email address for the Easter rabbit, so Ada and Esme could ask him whatever questions they wanted.   Of course, there were requests--a glow worm for Esme and a crib nest for Ada's baby.  The Easter bunny came through in the clutch.   And the girls were delighted.   If you want the Rabbit's special email address, let me know.  I just know he'll write you back!

2.  I am still plagued by the irresistible urge to clean and organize corners of the house from end to end.   I do each piece in little bites of 10 or 15 minutes, and the result is that it takes a long time.  And it makes a HUGE mess.  Invariably, 15 minutes into a project, I am interrupted, and what used to be at least hidden behind a cabinet door or stuffed into a drawer is now strewn about the room in piles.  I leave it there to attend to whatever urgency is calling me, and, well--it's not pretty.   Eventually it gets put back, hopefully in some order.   

All that noise about breaking some eggs to make an omelette is at least partially true.  I can say that over the past month I have made some good progress:  The study cabinet is clean, and so is our desk.  All of our camera equipment is organized, and I can actually find what I want quickly!  I have filed the contents of the inboxes (high five myself for that one!), and Ada's school records, drawings, and homeschool materials are sorted by subject and age range.  With all the "new" space, Esme now has her own little section.  That was the fun and gratifying part.  For more grungier work, I excavated under our family room couch and found some long-lost toys and an old, dried out lemon (don't ask--I have no idea, and I am as grossed out as you would be).  In between all this, I've sorted through Esme's old winter clothes, changed in some of her hand-me-down summer clothes, and organized her closet.  One night I pulled out the dvds, and now all of them--even the new ones that seem to rattle around the tv for months--they're are all filed away into huge albums.  I have to say it is calming to see the absence of junk lying around in all the common areas (at least non-toy junk).

The pantry is still calling to me, as is my own closet, and a stack of Ada's artwork that needs to be put into a binder.  But the current hot project is the studio closet, a monster that I'm battling with for the next few days.   To make space to store materials that are just getting into the way, I decided I needed a set of shelves to fit into the space under the eves.  Why not drop everything and build them?  Uh, lots of reasons.  But it seemed like a great idea.  In execution, it is taking so much longer than I anticipated.  That, and I'm suffering under the pressure, literally.   Yesterday I gave myself a massive blood blister on my thumb while tightening the bit into the drill.  Cringe with me, please.  And then I stuck myself with a splinter--under my nail.  Yes, there is a reason that is a technique used in torture.   Still, yea Kirie! I sucked it up and put another leg onto shelf one.   Only two more shelves and 12 more legs to go....
I promise to post pictures when I'm done.   Assuming you care.  Please say you do...I have spent altogether too much time on this.   And too much time writing (and talking) about it.  If you made it this far, thanks for being so patient!

3.  In the midst of the half-way projects and hopping around for Easter, and several other writing projects I'll share with you later....I've been prepping and creating some items for an online shop I'm opening in less than a week.  I've been intending to open an Etsy shop for a year, and I have finally assembled almost all the pieces to do so.   The shop is going to be called Spangletree Studio, and I'll tell you more about it soon.   Suffice it to say that I feel like a Santa's elf, sewing and painting and bending wires and sanding little's going to be fun. I can't wait to tell you more about it next week!  I'm holding back just so as not to jinx myself... 

I miss my blog.  I also miss reading my bloggy-friends. I promise to get back to a regular posting and blog reading schedule starting after April 23.    

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Irene Latham said...

An online creations-by-Kirie shop?!! Oh COUNT ME IN!!! So looking forward to it!

Hilary said...

Yay, Kirie's back! An Etsy shop? Can't wait! You're going gangbusters on your house, nice job! You inspire me to get with the program on my own, yet ... yet ... yet ... here I sit in front of "Harpers Island," which is actually a bit lame, but I'm sticking with it in hopes it gets better. Seven feet to the right of the paused show I'm not that into is my fireplace hearth which abounds with much of what you found under your couch, only not the lemon (fear not, for something comparable is sure to be formenting SOMEwhere in my house). I should get off my duff and straighten it, but I can promise you it will all be there in the morning. I snapped a picture to send you as soon as I figure out how to get it off my phone.

Anyhoo, your cabinet looks awesome; absolutely Pottery Barnery. Tomorrow there is absolutely nothing on my agenda other than the Y. Therefore, I'm now inspired by your cabinet to straighten my hearth. K, it's a deal.

Can't wait for the Etsy store!!

Love, Hil

Cheryl said...

Yeah, new post!

I was thinking of starting an Etsy shop too. I would sell prints of my paintings though. nothing handmade.

Is that a photo of your daughter? Too cute. I just talked to my sister today and she told me all about their (5 kids, she and her husband) trip to WDW. Wish I'd been there to share the experience with them.

Gram said...

I admire your work toward organization. I could take a lesson and do well to follow through. I love your little chickie picture; especially the shoes.

Paula said...

Oh how exciting! Organizing so you can find stuff and its all in neat little piles and also planning on opening a shop! Keep us posted with all the details and please post pics :)

La Belette Rouge said...

I have missed your lovely and thought provoking posts, and of course the adventures of Mouse. I can't wait until your Etsy shop opens. I will be there the minute it opens.

Hilary said...

Ohmigod, Kirie, COME BACK! We miss you and hope all's well. xoxo - Hil

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