Friday, June 20, 2008

A Recent Visit

We went to visit our friend Alex the other day. Look what she has in her yard! Lovely, lively! Rhode Island chickens--well, chicks, sort of. They are just at the stage where you can see their pretty feathers, but still small enough to pick up easily.
Esme was a bit timid at first, but she decided she wanted to hold one herself.

Ada--well, let's say Ada's not a fan of holding livestock. True to form, she kept us safe by lecturing us on the dangers of salmonella, and rightly so. We washed very well after this, I promise.

Alex has just finished a fairy cottage for her girls. Esme gave it rave reviews, saying, "Mommy, I LOVE this room!" Me, too!

When she's not raising kids or Rhode Island reds or the walls of a cottage, Alex is painting--take a peek at her website to see some of her beautiful work. I picked up a few of these things for myself.

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1 comment:

bari said...

Ooh, Kirie! I love the new blog header. It is new isn't it??? I can't believe how big the girls are getting!
XO. Miss you!

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