Thursday, May 29, 2008

Phiddling with Photoshop

Photoshop is becoming my friend--well, sort of. I need a lot more time to play around with it, which doing an alumni directory allowed me to do a bit. More on that later.
I figured the banner could use a bit more than the boiler-plate text that blogger gave me, so I present a new one, featuring our latest pet, Snaily Grey. Rescued from our front yard more than two weeks ago, Snaily Grey is still going strong. He's not lonely, either, now that Ada found him a snail companion whom she named Sarah.

Snails are surprisingly fast. Now I know what a "snail's pace" really is. Let me tell you, it is fast enough that he can get out of tupperware container and up halfway down the kitchen cabinet in less than four hours. Not speedy, but alarming enough that we got them a terrarium today. Who wants to find Snaily and Sarah kicking around in the cat's bowl, or worse, stuck on the bottom of a sandal? Not me.
Ada and Esme both take good care of the snails, and they are getting as spoiled as our rabbit, who eats a great diet of fresh food and trimmings. Now the snails have meals of fresh herbs and leaves from our garden. I think we're going to draw the line at eating the new vegetable sprouts that are finally coming up.

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