Wednesday, October 17, 2007

School at home

We are well underway at our "home" school. We started formally devoting most of our day to kindergarten-level schoolwork in July, and it's great so far. Ada is now starting to read on her own, and we are through our first two sets of Kumon math (an excellent program for anyone--check out their website).

We get a lot of questions about why we are doing this, and the main answer for us is that it works for Ada, and it works with our family right now. I spend a great deal of time with her one-on-one, and I think that is going to make a big difference in how fast she picks up certain things.

And not least of all our reasons for home schooling is how much fun it is to do "lessons" with her (most of the time!). In addition to the usual kindergarten requisites of handwriting and phonics, we do lots of other things, too. Some of our favorites include reading about early American history, doing projects with leaves and tree identification, and making a story journal with illustrations.

I love watching Ada accomplish so much. She is taking some real pride in her achievements.

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