Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gobble Gobble

At last, a work in progress that is finished! Here are the turkeys we did for Ada, Esme, and Ada's baby. The "feathers" are actually pockets for napkins, silverware, etc.
They were very cute on the table at Thanksgiving, but quickly became characters to play with after dinner.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A little treasure inside

This little treasure came to us by mail last week. My dad, who has some dealings with fish from time to time, came across this seahorse while cleaning a swordfish. The seahorse was *inside* a 20-pound sea bass--and, get this--alive. My dad was duly impressed. Unfortunately, the seahorse died quickly after coming out of the sea bass's stomach. The next best thing to having it in an aquarium, he figured, would be to save it as a treasure. And he thought right away of giving it to his granddaughters, which he did.

By the time the seahorse arrived in the mail, he was on the stinky side--but still amazing nonetheless. We are currently drying him out and deciding how to preserve the exo-skeleton. Any ideas?

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Work in progress

Yet another on a seemingly endless list of "works in progress." This stack of corduroy, silk, cotton, and felt will soon become a pair of turkey placemats, just in time for Thanksgiving, I hope!

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Friday, November 9, 2007

A Great Game of "In"

Esme's has a new favorite game. She calls it "in." We call it cute as can be.

She can now climb up to sit "in" a chair.

And she loves to put the elephant "in" the A-frame house.

She also puts things into baskets, buckets, and toy bins. She puts Mommy's shoes into paper grocery bags, and puts her feet into Ada's boots. She helps put the groceries away--cat food in the pantry, and cheese in the fridge. And she's a whiz with helping load the wet clothes into the dryer.

Something that's not as cute or fun is finding out that our cellphone does indeed go "in" the dryer lint slot--all the way in--down into the vent. 30 minutes and 2 bent-up wire hangers later, Mommy decides maybe having Esme's help with every chore is probably not such a good idea. And maybe letting her play with our lone cellphone is not the brightest, either. Maybe Mommy needs a few more hours "in" dreamland--fast asleep.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Because I have nothing else to do...

I've started a second blog. Yes, I'm crazy.

It's a cooking/recipe blog. I've been wanting to collect and organize our family's favorite recipes for a long, long, time. Way before there even was such a thing as blogs. When I started playing around with this blog, I realized that a second blog might be the way to format that collection. Blogs are the perfect medium for sharing recipes, and for recording ideas, steps, etc, to cooking. So, here's my attempt: Our Recipe Project. Take a look, and send me your recipes, too!

I apologize in advance--The first post is a really long one because the process is pretty involved. Most posts won't be this long, I promise!

The end result of this project will be a little self printed book (cool and cheap from Blurb) for us to use, give to our kids, and send to some friends. If I can keep posting regularly, we should have some great recipes collected in a year's time! You can help me by sending me feedback and your own favorite things to cook. Thanks for looking.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Ta Da!

The Tooth Fairy has been waiting to pay us a visit for Ada's second tooth. Ada insisted we wait until her long-requested pillow was done. So, for over six weeks now, I've been sneaking in pillow-sewing time during naps and late nights. At long last, here is the Tooth Fairy Pillow.  If you click on this photo, you can see the detail a bit better.

The idea for the pillow is that the TF won't actually have to go under Ada's pillow to get her tooth. And who really wants someone poking around under their pillow in the wee hours of the night, anyway? Now we can hang it on a door (downstairs, please, says Ada), and keep Ada's sleep undisturbed. Makes sense to me.

Ada was pleased with it and so was I. Now to see what that fairy thinks. Do you think she'll bring Ada a little extra in appreciation of the fine handiwork?

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

The latest Buzz

The buzz is that we had a great Halloween. We were a family of bees buzzing around a little flower. Somehow we timed it with J. Seinfeld (which was completely accidental, by the way). More PR for the already ubiquitous marketing of that movie--oh well.

It was great fun to see Ada feeling brave, even at the spooky houses! And now we have WAY WAY too much candy. I managed to limit myself to one day of snacking, and now I've sworn off the stuff. Eight pieces in one day proved to me that I actually don't like chocolate as much as I thought I did. At least for now.

Our little flower Esme did have a taste of a candy bar, which she has named "mmmmm." I can see we'll need to keep her away from the candy dish, too.

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